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Useful Information

Medical services:

In all the major cities there are hospitals and clinics and in smaller places there are first aid clinics and pharmacies. Foreign tourists who have compulsory insurance in his country , during a private stay in the Republic of Croatia do not pay for emergency medical treatment if Croatia and the country of origin have concluded an agreement on social security , in other words, if you have confirmation of the right to health care provided by a contract. Health care ( including transport) is used for emergency cases in the manner and according to regulations valid for Croatian citizens covered by Social Security , with identical participation in health care costs (participation ) . Persons coming from countries with which is not signed contract, all health care costs  must pay personally .

Veterinary services:

Croatia is covered by a network of veterinary clinics and dispensaries .

Informations :

Ministry of Agriculture , Fisheries and Rural Development,  Veterinary

Web : www.mps.hr


Public holidays:

1 January - New Year

6 January - Epiphany . three Kings

Easter and Easter Monday

May 1 - Labor Day


June 22 - Day of Antifascist Struggle

25 June - Statehood Day

5 August - Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

15th August - Assumption

8 October - Independence Day

1 November - All Saints

25 and 26 December - Christmas Day


Opening hours of shops and public services:

Most shops are open from 8 to 20 pm on weekdays , Saturdays and Sundays until 14 hours, longer in the season

Public services and business offices work from 8 am to 16 pm Monday through Friday.


Post and telecommunications:

Post offices are open from 7 to 19 hours on weekdays , in smaller centers from 7 to 14 pm , and some work a split shift . In larger cities and tourist areas post offices are open on Saturdays and Sundays . Public telephones are used by phone cards that are sold at post offices and newsstands . With any phone  the call can be made ​​directly abroad .



Power supply

220 V ; Frequency : 50 Hz


Environmental protection:

Protection of biodiversity is in accordance with applicable EU regulations . Sea for swimming in the Croatian Adriatic is of high quality and according to the criteria of the EU . In case of accidental environmental contamination on land , please advise Centre 112. For additional information on environment please contact the Ministry of Environmental Protection , Physical Planning and Construction, Administration for Environmental Protection, Telephone : +385 1 3782-111+385 1 3782-111 or on website www.mzopu.hr


In the case of emergency, please call 112 !


This number can be reached at any time of day or night , regardless of where you are in the Republic of Croatia.

Telephone call is not charged .

Calls can be made through all operators and all telephone devices by number 112


112 Centre can be contacted in foreign languages:

·        English

·        German

·        Italian

·        French

·        Hungarian

·        Slovak


Call 112 if you need:

·        Emergency medical assistance

·        Firefighters help

·        Police help

·        Mountain rescue help

·        Emergency veterinary assistance

·        The assistance of other emergency services and operative search and rescue forces.


If you notice : fire , leakage of hazardous material , pollution of drinking water , streams, rivers or the sea, the other phenomena that pose a threat to the life or health of people or animals , cultural goods and the environment...


When calling 112 please say:

·        What happened

·        Where it happened

·        When it happened

·        If there are any injured

·        What are injuries

·        What kind of help you need

·        Who called


Fire protection :

Make sure you have done everything to prevent a fire!

Do not throw flammable objects into the environment !

Observe the signs forbidding the lighting of fires !

Make sure that your parked vehicles do not obstruct access to the fire .


What to do in case of fire ?


·        Immediately inform the fire department at the telephone number 93 or call for assistance at 112 !

·        Use a hand-held fire extinguisher ( if available ) to extinguish and fight fire only if you do not endanger yourself and others .

·        Notify people in the area of ​​the appearance of fire .

·        Evacuate the people in a safe manner .

·        Do not enter staircases if they are filled with smoke and do not use elevators .

·        If smoke prevents you from exiting the building , close all windows and doors to prevent the entry of smoke in your room .

·        If you are trapped in an apartment , wait for firefighters at the window to see you.



Search and rescue :

In the case of an accident on land or at sea, call 112 (number for all emergency situations ) , and in case of accident at sea you can also call 9155 ( National Centre for search and rescue at sea)


Outdoor activities :

·        Tell relatives or friends the route and plan of your trip

·        Walk on marked paths and trails

·        Ensure sufficient quantities of water

·        Prepare the appropriate clothing and shoes

·        Prepare mobile phone device ( cell phone )

·        Follow the notification about the weather forecast

·        Do not light fires

·        Do not throw cigarette butts or flammable objects in nature



·        During the tourist season , avoid traffic jams ( driving on weekends and public holidays )

·        Drive rested

·        Adjust your speed to the road conditions and speed limits

·        in a case of a traffic jam, please be patient ( have sufficient quantities of water )



·        Do not expose yourself to danger when swimming and diving

.        Mmoderate exposure to the sun and use protective means

·        Do not overestimate your own abilities

·        Follow the notifications about the weather forecast


Radio news in foreign languages ​​during the tourist season :

Croatian Radio broadcasts news in foreign languages on several programs ​​designed for tourists in Croatia . At 20:05 broadcasts news in English of up to 10 minutes, every day.

During the summer season,  Croatian Radio ( 98.5 Mhz northwestern Croatia and Dubrovnik coast ; 105.3 Mhz Istria ; 96.1 Split ; 98.9 Makarska Riviera , 93.3 Gorski Kotar ) with regular news in the Croatian language, every hour 8:00 to 21:00 broadcasts news in English, German , Italian and Czech , and HAK reports on road conditions in English and German.

During the same period, are broadcasted news and reports about traffic directly from the studios of Radio of Austria, RAI Uno , British Virgin Radio , Radio Prague and the International program of Croatian Radio - Voice of Croatia . During the summer Radio Prague once a day gives informations via regional radio stations : Radio Split, Radio Dubrovnik and Radio Rijeka .



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